Vocal Tuning


I can make your vocals sound perfectly

in-tune, while still sounding natural! 


Yes - I can do the "Cher effect", too.

  • Pitch Correction & Tuning (Melodyne, Auto-Tune)

  • Time Aligning (doubles, harmonies, etc.)

  • Editing & Cleaning

  • Listen to examples here



Need a recording session edited? I can

make the band sound like they rehearsed!

  • Time Aligning & Quantizing

    • Live Drums, Bass, Guitar, Piano, Keys, etc.

  • Comping & Cleaning
  • Pitch Correction

    • Vocals, Bass, Horns, etc.

  • MIDI Programming

    • Drums, bass, piano, strings, etc.

Mixing & Mastering


I can make your recordings sound like

radio hits, even if you recorded at home!

  • Specialized in Pop & Rock genres

    • Pop Punk, Punk Rock, Country, Metal, etc.

  • A mastered bounce is included with every mix

  • If your project requires ONLY mastering, seek Rogue Planet Mastering.

  • Listen to my mixes here