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Which Auto-Tune Version Do You Need? (2020)

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

There are 4 versions of Antares Auto-Tune.

Let's sort out all the differences - plain and simple!

#1 Auto-Tune Access

Limited — $99

Very basic functionality with limited control …“set it and forget it”

Only 2 main controls: Retune Speed and Humanize.

Each control has only 3 settings.

Retune Speed can be either slow, medium, or fast.

Humanize can be either off, minimum, or maximum.

#2 Auto-Tune EFX+

Good - $199

Simple controls with more flexibility than Access…plus effects!

What makes it good:

- Fully Adjustable Retune Speed and Humanize Controls

- Automatic Formant Correction

- Transpose: Real-Time Pitch Shift

- Adjustable Throat Modeling

- **only version which includes Auto-EFX: Multi Effects Module

- **only version which includes: Auto-Motion: Melodic Pattern Generation

#3 Auto-Tune Artist

Better — $299

More advanced controls for pitch and vibrato...No effects.

What makes it better:

- Classic Mode for the “Auto-Tune 5 Sound”

- Flex-Tune Transparent and Flexible Pitch Correction

- Create and Adjust Vibrato

- Real-Time MIDI Control

- **does not include Auto-EFX: Multi Effects Module

- **does not include Auto-Motion: Melodic Pattern Generation

#4 Auto-Tune Pro

Best — $399

The only version capable of precise graphic editing. Also, includes Antares Auto-Key plug-in for free - usually $49...No effects.

The most flexible version — can function in both real-time “auto” mode or create the perfect vocal tuning in non-real time “graph” mode.

What makes it the best:

- Graphic Pitch Editing

- Graphic Time Editing

- Generate Notes Objects from MIDI

- Adjust Tuning Parameters on Individual Notes

- **does not include Auto-EFX: Multi Effects Module

- **does not include Auto-Motion: Melodic Pattern Generation

As of writing, the upgrades / cross-grades from one version to another version of Auto-Tune are priced depending on which Auto-Tune tier/version you already have.

It’s either the difference between tiers, or slightly more if you have an older version.

You can demo each version of Auto-Tune for free...but be aware: “Demo licenses have limited functionality, and include occasional audio dropouts.” — according to Antares' website.

Want to get up and running with Auto-Tune - FAST?

Check out my FREE mini course:

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It walks you through all the main features, plus tips and tricks.

Thanks for you reading and Happy Tuning

- Roy

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